Match with a friendly doctor 
 on demand, always

Stop jumping between multiple doctors that don't get to know you and give you personalised treatments.
Get a concierge doctor the modern way. A doctor for you just a text away.

Find a doctor for you

ConvoMD helps you choose and match with a doctor that fits your specific needs, providing you with a more personalized medical experience. Get a doctor that understands you.

Get care in the moment instead of in a week

No more waiting for appointments or driving to a clinic. Your dedicated doctor is always available to answer your questions via text or call.

Convenient and personal care

Your doctor takes the time to get to know you and your medical history, ensuring that you receive quick and effective medical advice without the hassle of appointments or long wait times.

Your doctor, always in the know. Available 24/7.

Everyone deserves access to high-quality medical care whenever they need it. Instead of hopping between different doctors over different video apps, Convo MD lets you have a dedicated doctor who is always there for you.

A typical practitioner will see 2000 patients a year and potentially more with the growth of telemedicine, meaning they don't have the time to get to know you. At ConvoMD, doctors take the time to get to know you and your medical history, ensuring that you receive personalized and efficient care.

People thrive best when they can talk to a doctor they feel comfortable with. That's why ConvoMD allows everyone to choose a doctor for you, whether you're a woman seeking a female doctor, a gay person looking for a gay doctor, or a parent with children, ConvoMD's got you covered.


Why ConvoMD?

  • Be more comfortable asking personal health questions with a doctor that matches your lifestyle.
  • A doctor will typically see 2000 patients a year. With ConvoMD you match with doctors who take on less patients and have more time to get to know you.
  • Get a fast second opinion. Quickly confirm with a your personal ConvoMD doctor if a recommended treatment is good for you.
  • Only travel to the doctor if needed. Convo MD focuses on getting you care without having to disrupt your day.

Care starting at $149/month


What is ConvoMD?

ConvoMD is a service that allows you to choose and match with a doctor of your choice. Matching with a conciege doctor means being able to ask them any medical questions on-the-go. For example you could ask them for a second opinion, a last minute prescription or general medical advice.
What's the status of ConvoMD?

We're just starting ConvoMD and encourage anyone who is interested to sign up for our waitlist. We'll let you know once we've launched.
How is ConvoMD different?

With ConvoMD, you are matched with one doctor who will get to know your medical history. Most telehealth services will match you with a different doctor each time meaning that it is harder for a doctor to give you personalised treatment. Also with a concierge doctor, you are able to continously interact with them.
How much does ConvoMD cost?

ConvoMD costs $150/month once you match with a doctor. There are no other fees but you may be charged if you get care outside of ConvoMD.
What type of service can I expect?

Most questions will be answered from your doctor in less than a day but there is a also a medical care team on staff to ensure prompt care (e.g. prescription renewal).
What about in person services?

ConvoMD currently doesn't directly offer in person services. Instead all in person services are provided by partner clinics nearby. At home services are also provided depending on your location.